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Despite the Many Recent Tragedies, Train Accidents are a Rare Occurrence

In just the month of July, our world has experienced three separate and tragic train accidents in Canada, France and Spain. These accidents were devastating accident in which many lives were taken as a result. Despite the many accidents this month, however, it is still believed that traveling by train is one of the safer options for traveling, even more so than by automobiles. The accident which occurred in Lac-Megantic, Quebec (Canada) killed an estimated 42 people after it crashed through a town late one Friday night. Just a handful of days after, the accident in France claimed the lives of 6 people, injuring another 20. The most recent incident occurred in Spain last Wednesday, and it caused the death of 78 victims after its high-speed train derailed. In response to these three horrifying accidents, President Barak Obama has decided to take some action in the U.S. to call off the future use of the high speed trains in the city.

Regardless of the many number of lives lost this month from train accidents around the globe, many would still say that train traveling is among the safest available. Statistics shown by the International Union of Railways bases their research off of European accidents and shares that annually there are 2,000 people or less per year that die in train accidents. What is the most interesting about this discussion is the fact that the majority of the people who are killed in train accidents aren’t actually people on the train, but rather other cars, trespassers in the area, etc. That number is actually quite low when compared to the number of people who die in car accidents every years. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), they found that between the years of 2003 and 2008, for every 100 million miles driven in an automobile, there were 1.4 passenger fatalities. However, on a rail road transit, there were less than 0.1 deaths for that same distance traveled by train.

According to the vice president of policy at APTA, Arthur Guzzetti, he claims that train safety as a whole is rather extraordinary, and while it is clearly not perfect, there are far less lives lost here than in other methods of transportation. While the likelihood of tragic accidents is much less when traveling by train, it is still a very real tragedy that so many people had to die after these incidents occurred. In the event that you or a loved one have been injured in a train accident, please do not hesitate in taking legal action for your pain and suffering. Contact Briggle & Polan today for an Austin personal injury attorney who will fight on your behalf.